purple eye

purple eye
Some loves never die

Happy holidays!
purple eye
And so we enter the winter holidays...
I remember and dream... reflect.
I've come to say happy holidays to all. May you be happy wherever you are. And loved.
To those no longer with us, you are missed. I will be thinking of you all this Christmas.

purple eye
The silence is difficult. The unknown why of it.

purple eye
And you have been silent.
Will I ever know why?

I saw the Time Traveler's Wife today and thought of you (as I do everyday).

He told her he did not want her to wait. And yet, she still left clothes out.

purple eye
I could replicate the behavior and act like a teenager. But, I'd rather act my age and show some class.

When there is silence
purple eye
I am afraid.
I do not know what silence means.

Warning lights going off
purple eye
I have an uncomfortable feeling that has not gone away since yesterday.

A mix of anger and sorrow.

I want to go home and hold my child and tell him all will be well. Mommy will look out for him and protect him.

love and life
purple eye
In one day it was decided that Aidan would be having another procedure and the littlest of my girls graduated from pre-school. Odd that pre-schoolers would need a graduation. But she was adorable in her pink cap and gown.
Aidan will be getting tubes for his ears. I worry that it will hurt his hearing. I am told I worry too much. It could be full of benefit for him and make him speak as he should.
I want to hear him say "I love you, Mommy."

Love is an endless and wonderful thing.
It can be eternal and ultimately fulfilling.
It can make us breathe in and out.
And stand when we might otherwise fall.
It can carry us to where we need to go.
And it can lead us to where we need to be.
It can make us better people.
And it can make our eyes open to the world.
It can keep us warm at night.
And it can make us dream of possibilities.
It is worthy of all poems.
And most deserving of songs.
Love is timeless and seemless.
And the most precious thing of all...

Without the ability to love I would not be me. And with love I am far more. There is never enough of such a thing...

Siren call
purple eye
I cannot sleep. The house is silent and I stir. Haunted by memories. Wondering if the day will ever come when things that cannot be said are.
Perhaps a story...
Once upon a time there lived a seed. It was attached to a forbidden tree. It left because it could not afford to stay. It was told it was the only way. For the tree was said to be at risk. Some seeds are but a deadly kiss... So the seed in earnest to save the tree... left so the tree could be... alive, recovering, free. The seed drifted through the wind. Alone with naught to defend... Like a cat it survived. And thus the tree seemed revived. But the unicorn part... it lost its heart... and a blue eyed dragon painted the back of me... a tattoo I cannot see. The seed, it found its way. It grew though it will sway. 4 seeds emerged from the ground... around tree roots now sunk in, bound. And yet it is youth, a seed's life missed... and dreams of a man never kissed... that keeps me up again tonight... thinking of the dragon out of sight... Who is to say what is right when dreamers cannot dream this night?


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